Identifying Your Couriers. We identify and contract with established and experienced courier to handle your account. We look for couriers who understand and appreciate the importance of consistency and familiarity with your client’s location and staff. Couriers and staff quickly develop knowledge of your client’s specific requirements (pick-up windows, internal pick-up locations, etc…). Couriers are knowledgeable and meet all necessary requirements in the proper handling and transportation of ambient, refrigerated and frozen specimens. Couriers are compliant with OSHA, IATA, TSA and HIPAA regulations. Couriers are equipped with their own barcode scanners, GPS, mobile data/voice units, specimen transport coolers, spill kits and identification badges.




Dedicated Dispatch Team

Our Dispatchers Become Your Dispatchers. We can provide on-site or centralized dedicated dispatchers assigned to your laboratory. This provides for a single point of contact for all of your day-to-day operational needs. Your dedicated dispatcher works every day with couriers throughout the country and will become thoroughly familiar with your routes and your customers.

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Dedicated Account Management Team

Our Account Management Team Becomes Your Account Management Team. We assign a Dedicated Account Manager who knows and understands your business, your people, and your expectations. They are your single point of contact for any changes or expansion to your dedicated courier system. There will be constant communication with your sales team in order to provide them with valuable client information.

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