The Lab Logistics Advantage


The “Lab Logistics Advantage” is what sets us apart from our competition. We use the most advanced technology, our delivery model and our extensive experience working with major labs throughout North America to provide our customers with the highest quality lab courier services available. We do this while typically saving our clients 15% to 40% on their courier expenses.

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Cost Savings

Experience has shown that Lab Logistics can reduce your labs courier costs by 18% - 40%. We study your existing courier system and analyze existing data to identify opportunities to lower costs. Our approach has proven to provide our customers with significant savings over our competition.




Improved Turnaround

We consult with lab management using our experience and proprietary routing software to improve turnaround time and workflow to the lab. Our integrated courier software provides all the data necessary to optimize inbound route activity and specimen volume in an effort to increase lab productivity.

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Advanced Technology

Lab Logistics provides customers with the most advanced technology in the courier industry:

  • Barcode Scanning System
  • PTT Voice & Data Units
  • GPS – Instant Location Verification
  • Online Order Entry – customized address book and e-mail confirmation
  • Online Custom Manifests
  • Volume Expectation Reports
  • Online Route History
  • Scheduled Stop Barcode System
  • Fully Integrated Customized Software
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Our extensive fleet and service area allows you to grow your business without the restrictions of smaller local courier services.

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High Service Level

We understand the extreme sensitivity and importance of the specimens we pick up for our laboratory clients. Our goal is to provide consistency and familiarity to your clients. Our service level remains consistently above 98.5%.

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Increased Controls

Our route tracking through our barcode scanning system, GPS and fully integrated software provides increased controls to our labs.
  • Verifies stops and pickup times
  • Verifies routes in real-time
  • Verifies route history
  • Optimizes routing and stop sequence
  • Visibility of in-bound routes
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